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Non-cash payments for shares

Request to record that shares have been paid for using anything other than cash (i.e shares/services/non-cash)

Guidance from Companies House's website:

" Payment for shares in a private company can be in a variety of ways including cash, goods, services, property, good will, know-how, or even shares in another company.

Generally, people can pay for shares in a private company;

wholly for cash;
partly for cash and partly for a non-cash payment; or
wholly for a non-cash payment.
Payment for shares in a public company must, in most instances, be for cash. However, if shares are allotted in a public company for a non- cash consideration, the consideration for the shares is subject to an independent valuation in most cases. You must send a copy of the individual valuation report to the proposed allottee for the share(s) and to Companies House when registering the Form SH01. "

  • Alex John
  • Jan 31 2018
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  • Lexi Dew commented
    16 Feb 10:43am

    Suggest having a field in the Share Event screen where this can be pulled through to the SH01 form.