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Select a folder to download all files in that folder

At the moment if you select a folder it is impossible to download the contents, as it complains to untick folders and tick only files. It would be really useful to be able to download the contents of a folder as a zip file.. In fact any way to download more than 15 documents at a time would be helpful.

  • Andy Brewood
  • Mar 15 2019
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  • Tomasz Kardasz commented
    10 Aug, 2023 11:47am

    And still not implemented - any progress

  • Andy Brewood commented
    18 Jun, 2020 10:46am

    Just trying this again... and when viewing a subfolder of a client it is not remembering my selection across multiple pages .. I tick 15 and download is highlighted.. I switch to the next page and "download" becomes un-highlighted.. This way I can only download 15 documents at a time

    Using the all files search on the dashboard does not allow sorting by subfolders so it is very hard to find the actual files in the subfolder that I want to download.

  • Mike Turner commented
    18 Mar, 2019 12:49pm

    No worries, yes it works similar to gmail. It will remember your section when you move to the next page.

    Yes i agree it would be useful to download files based on folders, i have raised with the team and will update you once we have an ETA.

  • Andy Brewood commented
    18 Mar, 2019 12:13pm

    Thanks Mike. I used the "All Files" page and filtered for this client and was able to download all 244 files... One thing I discovered is that when you view as 100 clients per page and click through the pages, it remembers the files that are ticked on the previous pages, so I was able to download all 244 files into 1 zip file!

    It's still not quite the same as being able to download a folder, which would still be very useful for other clients who send us monthly payroll info, but in this case, the files I needed were the only files uploaded to this client. 

  • Mike Turner commented
    17 Mar, 2019 04:27pm

    Hi Andy, if you go to your dashboard in OS you can click on all files. On this screen you can view up to 100 files. You can search and filter, also do bulk actions like delete and download. So this should help you in the meantime. Your other request on downloading contents of folder i have raised with the team, so ill update you when its been scoped in.