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Have the ability to delete staff members

We still have staff members on our lists from 2008, the time against them is no longer relevant and we want to tidy the list. We should have the option to log in as Master and delete staff that haven't been logged for in a number of years - say 5 years.

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  • Sep 9 2019
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    Ben Webb commented
    3 Oct, 2022 10:50am

    Hello All,

    I'm happy to say that we are introducing a change in the Autumn 2022 release (v22.3) that will, by default, have the filter applied that will hide staff members marked as "no longer employed". We believe this will go a long way in improving the experience of using the staff browser.

    Please take a look when you have upgraded and let me know your thoughts.

  • Guest commented
    18 Nov, 2019 02:05pm

    There is a filter on the staff browser. It is a button called 'More Criteria'. Here you can choose to tick a box called 'Staff no longer employed'. Make sure those members of staff have this ticked in the rates tab. 

  • Mike Rofe commented
    25 Sep, 2019 04:14pm

    If deleting causes a problem from a system perspective e.g. historic reporting, simply adding a filter to exclude staff members who are no longer employed and/or are not allowed to sign on to the system from the normal visible list would be progress!

  • sarah wilson commented
    11 Sep, 2019 02:49pm

    We have staff from 2001 still on the system.  I do change the ID so they are grouped together but would love to be able to delete them