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It would add real value to Iris if the users could have a voice, possibly through an Iris User Group ( made up of representatives of both small and large practices) and / or by the creation of a user forum for the exchange of complaints and peer to peer user tips and advice. The existing structure is too paternal, with individual complaints/error reporting being handled on a one by one basis. This must cost Iris a huge amount in staffing costs, particularly when bugs are found after a new product launch. Although the portal page has some notes on it, these are often out of date and too general. Most other large software organisations open themselves up in this way, and it should improve the quality of the product in the long term.

  • Andrew Leggate
  • Aug 23 2018
  • Already exists
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  • David Price commented
    23 Aug, 2018 01:19pm

    Thanks Paul, that's useful to know.

    However, can I suggest that what you have said here gets replicated on the user group promotion page? Otherwise other potential participants will get put off from the start (as I was).

  • Admin
    Paul Onions commented
    23 Aug, 2018 11:54am

    Agreed - As part of becoming a member of the user group customers will gain access to the online forum. If they are just looking to vote on ideas and make suggestions then this is the method for that. We understand that not everyone will be able or indeed want to attend the face to face sessions and that is a discussion we will have with anyone that expresses an interest and registers..  

  • David Price commented
    23 Aug, 2018 11:43am

    The user group screen says "We hold 2 centrally located meetings a year".

    I suspect that will automatically limit the number of people wishing to participate, as most users will lack time/finance/inclination to travel to somewhere "central".

    There may be a place for face to face meetings; but an online user forum will be much more accessible and hopefully therefore more useful in achieving the stated purpose. 

  • Admin
    Paul Onions commented
    23 Aug, 2018 07:52am

    Hi Andrew - great idea. We couldn't agree more and have been setting this up recently. We already have a good few sign-ups and will be promoting this again in our next IRIS Newswire. Here are some details:

    Join the Accountancy User Group Forums


    The time has arrived for you to shape our products and play a central role in vital decisions about upgrades and new solutions.

    We’ve launched our new Accountancy User Group Programme, which through our online ideas portal, will give you a unique opportunity to determine the future of our products. Your input and views are vital as we strive to achieve our mission of making accountants’ lives simpler.