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Ability to send a 'full' e-checklist to new clients

When new clients come aboard, it would be useful to have the ability to send them a full e-checklist in the first year.

The current automatic setting is that it only asks them about sections which have been completed in their tax return. This is fine for clients who have already had a tax return produced in IRIS but is not useful for new clients because, if you have the ability to complete the sections, you already have the information the e-checklist would be asking for.

The full e-checklist therefore, should ask them about either all aspects of income

(i.e. :

  1. Do you have any employments

  2. Do you have income from properties

  3. Do you own shares in companies


Or, allow you to select sections you think would be appropriate for that client from within the e-checklist editor.

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  • Jun 10 2020
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