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Data screen default to suing SOIRE if used in previous period

When using the SOIRE in the prior period, and then creating a new period in AP the Data Screens do not roll forward and re-tick the SOIRE report.

This means we have to manually tick it every year for every job.

It would be helpful if either:

  1. Data Screens kept the tick in the box for the report you used in the prior period (keeping data screens constant with everything else it does for every other data screen when rolling forward)

  2. You are allowed to tick SOIRE in the global data screen templates.

  • Jon Taylor
  • Dec 14 2020
  • Planned
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  • Admin
    Nick Lloyd commented
    13 Aug, 2021 03:40pm

    Hi Jon

    Thank you for the suggestion. I have asked for this to be included in our next release.

    Best wishes