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Reason to be shown for trustee leaving

It is not appropriate to identify a deceased trustee as "resigned". I have had to delete the name altogether.

Details of Trustees on Charity Accounts. It used to be possible to identify why a trustee left or was removed. There were 3 options 1 - removed, 2 - retired, 3 - deceased. A removal is now identified as "Resigned" which is not appropriate in the case of a deceased trustee. It would be helpful if this provision was re-instated.

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  • May 4 2023
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    Alex John commented
    2 Jun, 2023 09:22am

    If a date of death is entered against the person, it will show them as deceased on the report.

    The options you are referring to are for limited comapnies, I do not believe they were ever available for a charity. Please comment if you would ever expect the 'Removed' option to be applicble to a Trustee.