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Ability to bring forward data screen items individually as and when needed

After creating a new accounting period / posting file, when you first open Data Screens, you are asked if you want to bring forward last years data screens.  This is a one chance only question.  If you say yes, it brings everything forward.  If you say no, then that's it gone forever (unless you deleted accounting period and posting file and start again).  It would be nice to pick and choose (when needed) which data screen element you wish to bring forward e.g. a specific bespoke note / table.

  • Alan Taylor
  • Oct 24 2018
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  • Alan Taylor commented
    1 Nov, 2018 04:00pm

    Hi Alex.  Thank you for this.  I was told by support that it wasn't possibly which is why I requested an improvement.  Regards Alan

  • Admin
    Alex John commented
    1 Nov, 2018 03:56pm

    It is possible to bring forward the data screen data at a later stage without deleting account periods. To do this go to Edit / Bring Forward Client Data. This will not overwrite any data screens where you have entered new data in the current year.  At present you cannot choose to bring forward individual data screens.