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How about subtitles for webinars ?

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  • Oct 15 2018
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    Alex John commented
    October 17, 2018 15:12

    Currently webinars are live, this means it is near impossible for someone to be writing the words at the same time to be used as subtitles. The software used to facilitate webinars does not have the ability to produce subtitles automatically unfortunately. In some cases it is possible to get access to a general script following the webinar once the recorded version is available. 

    All videos on OpenLearning have a script attached to them.

  • Guest commented
    October 17, 2018 18:31

    I beg to differ since you only need to watch BBC and ITV breakfast news where subtitles are provided with or without use of scripts. Whilst I agree this would be an expensive option, would an alternative version be acceptable ?

    A recorded webinar with subtitles has many advantages:

    a)Your customers are able to watch at leisure. Some customers may be busy at the allocated time ?

    b) It can be use as a manual. A few years ago at my request, when there was a major change in accounting standards, Iris provided me with a recorded webinar showing how to manage these standards within accounting software. It was a very useful guide and furthermore whenever was a problem I could refer to webinar for instructions.

    c) Whenever there is a major changes in policy such as above, your helpline tends to be extremely busy, Having an instructual webinar could be used to avoid telephone congestions. Looking ahead for for next year MTD a webinar guidance would be extremely useful.

    d)  I am not sure about open script but for me to watch a Webinar and read a script seems very "challenging".