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Warning that all of the entries have not been completed for a repayment claim

Submitted original or amended returns via IRIS Personal Tax which include loss carry-back claims, via Personal Tax – Reliefs – Miscellaneous – Tax Calculation – Tax Code and overpaid, underpaid and repaid tax. This makes an entry in box 15 of Page TC2 on the tax return.

These returns they have been accepted by HMRC, but not processed, because box 17 on page TC2 must include details of the year to which the loss is being carried back.

This can be input via Personal Tax – Reliefs – Miscellaneous – Additional Information – Tax Calculation. However if not done, no warning or error message is displayed and the return is submitted and accepted but never actioned.

Would it be possible to put a prompt or validation message when there is an entry in box 15 page TC2 advising an entry is needed in Box 17 (Additional Information)?

  • Jenny Strudwick
  • Dec 18 2017
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