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Bridging Software for MTD for ITSA

We will need the ability to, at it's simplest, submit figures from a spreadsheet we maintain to HMRC for MTD for ITSA, or at it's best, provide some portal where clients could submit the bare detail of their income and expenditure as full-blown accounts software will be too complex and too involved for most (and prine to horrible errors), and simply "snapping" receipts prone to all sorts of problems and we still then need to analyse the output from that. If clients could simply submit their income and expenditure suitably analysed across the necessary boxes then Taxfiler could collate this for the quarter, submit and flag what has been submitted so that any transaction is not missed nor duplicated (if for example, late receipts are entered in to a subsequent quarter). Also would need tracking facilities so that we know what has been filed, needs filing and by when. I, as a small practice, will have over 150 of these clients to keep track of every quarter.

  • Stephen Barker
  • Jan 5 2021
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  • Vikki Woodford commented
    9 Jul, 2021 10:07am

    Taxfiler is in the process of being enhanced to cater for MTD for ITSA. The first planned deliverable will be for April 22 in line with the Government pilot, with quarterly filing for landlords and business owners with income over £10k.