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All data included as data input to appear on the 'View detailed report' on data input page

The 'view detailed report' on the data input page does not pick up all the data that is actually entered in the data input stage. So the view detailed report is incomplete. What I am requesting is that the 'detailed report' should be a summary of everything that is entered as data input.

  • Best Tax services Ltd
  • Dec 14 2021
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  • Best Tax services Ltd commented
    20 Feb, 2022 02:15pm

    Please can this be reviewed or at the least commented on by Iris/Taxfiler? These are important updates that we are requesting, not 'nice to have' ones.

  • Best Tax services Ltd commented
    14 Jan, 2022 11:26am

    Further to my request above, there are three specific data entered that does not appear on the detailed report:

    1. if certain boxes of the residency pages ticked , then data like - split year treatment claimed , and number of days in the UK, non-dom, remittance basis claimed, etc, it would be great if this type of info shows up on the detailed report too.

    2. box 42 of foreign pages, benefit from person abroad.

    3. Foreign tax credit relief - although this is automatically calculated when a box is ticked. It would be great that in the detailed report, or with the tax calculation, its detailed of how the foreign tax credit relief is claimed.

    Thank you.