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Show last year's entries alongside the current year

This helps with sense checking & also helps to make sure you're not missing something.

  • Paul Dix
  • May 4 2020
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  • Admin
    Wendy Ilsley commented
    4 Nov, 2020 09:21am

    Thank you Paul

  • Paul Dix commented
    4 Nov, 2020 09:18am

    Hi Wendy - just on the data input pages would be fine - that's where it's useful.


  • Admin
    Wendy Ilsley commented
    4 Nov, 2020 09:11am

    Hi Paul

    Just to clarify would you want this on the data entry screens or on the tax calculation/ computation or both? (I still need to confirm if we can do this, just trying to clarify what I will be asking the development team for).

    Would you want it as an option to display when you choose, or to always be displayed? Thinking of people with smaller screens or mobile devices.

  • Paul Dix commented
    20 Jul, 2020 01:58pm

    In response to Timothy - absolutely - on screen for our purposes during data entry only if my thought.

  • Timothy Burton commented
    26 May, 2020 05:21pm

    I presume this is for tax returns/ self assessments - my vote is on this assumption. It would be useful if this was an option - as some client's would be confused if it was there - I've received back a questionnaire from a client thinking it was their current year tax return before approving me to file it!!