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Ability to enter journals

The ability to enter journals rather than just change figures would give a better audit trail.

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  • May 18 2020
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  • Martin Caruana commented
    15 Oct, 2022 05:40am

    Yep! I agree with these comments. The work around has been to go back into Xero, where we import from and make changes, which sometimes means creating extra nominals such as loans within 1 year and after 1 year. This adds more time to the job.

  • Huw Moseley commented
    9 Dec, 2021 07:44pm

    A perfect example would be the ageing of a loan. Currently we either have to delete the mapping and then you cannot trace through in future, or the other option is to create a separate account code in QB/Xero which is just an added complexity.

    This is the same for fixed assets. Depreciation gets posted in Xero/QB to the Accumulated codes but this needs to be split between B/F and charged during the year. Again, either we delete mapping or create more TB codes in QB/Xero which is a right pain.

  • Guest commented
    5 Oct, 2021 12:01pm

    100% need the ability to post journals - great well priced piece of software but could be so much better with journal functionality

  • Martin Broadwell commented
    23 Jun, 2021 03:19pm

    Come on Iris this is a must. We also need a nominal ledger print, once the journal functionality has been completed.

  • Guest commented
    31 Mar, 2021 03:17pm

    IRIS this is a must have, come on, getting this added please. Then give the client the ability to have them posted back to accounts books and records

  • Guest commented
    3 Mar, 2021 11:27am

    Absolutely agreed - I found this page because I was searching to see if it was possible and I'd missed it; I think there's a lot to love about TaxFiler but being unable to make journals is a massive drawback.

  • Umesh Gohil commented
    31 Dec, 2020 09:23am

    There is a big flaw in the system. All other accounting software in the market has an option to make journals from clients records such as corporation tax liability. I am surprised this fundamental option has been overlooked by a large software provider like IRIS

  • Martin Broadwell commented
    10 Oct, 2020 07:00pm

    I’ve been waiting for this functionality for about 3 years.

  • Matthew Dickson commented
    21 Jul, 2020 10:59am

    The sooner this is implemented the better!

  • Guest commented
    12 Jun, 2020 04:12pm

    Rather than unlinking I think the ability to post a journal would maintain the audit trail