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Populate tax return with 'View HMRC Data'

It seems really strange that we can view data for employment etc held by HMRC but unlike TaxCalc and BTC (and maybe others) this isn't then transferred to the tax return? In these days of API integration, having to open this page in a new tab, copy and then paste this information to the relevent tax return section is plain silly!(if you can't do it because we may not have aded the section to the return ready, then please simply do that for us, shouldn't be too hard surely! :)

  • Tim Woodward
  • Aug 26 2020
  • Planned
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  • Guest commented
    24 Nov, 2022 04:49pm

    Yes, much needed but what is the point of posting these ideas - IRIS lists them all then goes about ignoring them.

  • Yawazifa com commented
    18 Nov, 2022 11:01am

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  • Martin Caruana commented
    15 Oct, 2022 05:38am

    I have just moved over from BTC to Iris. During the demo the function to retrieve the HMRC data was explained but it was not highlighted as not pulling through to the returns. This is disappointing and creates an inefficiency. BTC populated the return seemlessly and has done so for a long time.

  • chris Bird commented
    8 Jul, 2022 02:57pm

    Have asked Taxfiler for this years ago but they never did it. Many other suggestions totally ignored also over the years.

  • Hemantkumar Patel commented
    25 Jun, 2021 02:28pm

    Now almost 10 Months since planned status.

    Is Taxfilker, suffering from resource shortage. This has to be top pririty. Look at how other auppliers (Taxclac etc) has implemented long, long time ago.

  • Admin
    Alison Ford commented
    12 Apr, 2021 03:49pm

    This will be added as part of the project to implement MTD for ITSA

  • Hemantkumar Patel commented
    21 Dec, 2020 08:46pm

    Yes, This should have been done, before this suggestion. However, programmer, system analyst should consider auto populated to be editable and tag showing Manual. I am sure this would not be that difficult.