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New data field for website address

In Time & Fees, at the moment the "numbers" area within the "address" tab has provision for eight phone numbers and eight email addresses.

I guess it is possible that eight of each might be wanted by some clients possibly? 

But it would be helpful if a new data field could be added for at least one website address.

  • David Price
  • Dec 12 2018
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  • Admin
    Alex John commented
    December 14, 2018 10:37

    Thank you for the suggestion.

    Please note the requirement for a website address is not restricted to Time and Fees, these are Core screens that can be used across all modules of the IRIS Suite,

    In addition (and further to another idea) numbers, email addresses and website addresses should not be tied to an address.

    Please add any further comments to this idea, regarding where you would like the website address to be used, if on any reports or documents or in any search options.

  • Guest commented
    07 Jan 08:50

    This is a great idea. 

    I would suggest that the whole communication and contact detail recording within Iris needs slightly re-thinking. 

    As Alex John mentions the concept of linking e-mails and indeed phone numbers to an address is not always logical.  This is even more the case for the website addresses for businesses.

    My thinking is that landline phone numbers tie to a physical address, but mobile numbers tie to a person.  The website address ties to a business, not an address or a person.

    This needs some careful thought!!

    At present the "Address" and "Contacts" tabs in Iris clients are not next to each other and seem disconnected.  I think that bringing the Contacts area together with the Address area to make it more consistent may provide a solution to this difficult point.

    The easiest step is just to put the website address(es) on the "Basic" tab, but this risks the tab becoming a jumble of all sorts of odds and ends.


  • Guest commented
    23 Jan 12:25

    See also discussion at regarding the whole way that the client communications data needs to be split out.  The website will need to be linked to the entity, rather than shared address data for specific contacts.